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Insurance Economics 

This section contains the video links to a course in insurance economics that I teach at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Cape Town. I set up the course together with Peter Zweifel from the University of Zurich and have been teaching it independently since 2016. 

The course is designed for mathematicians, scientists and engineers with no background in economics or finance. ​The 42 lecture recordings can be used in three ways:

  • ​Lectures 1 to 10 provide an introduction to finance. You will gain an understanding of financial terminology useful in dealings with banks, general risk management, and stock trading.  

  • You may watch the entire course, learning about the operation of insurance companies and the application of financial models to insurance pricing.

  • An advanced student who intends to use copulas in research and financial analysis may focus on Lectures 37 to 40.

Chapter 5. Capital Asset Pricing Model

Lecture 32

Lecture 33

Lecture 34

Lecture 35

Lecture 36


Chapter 6. Introduction to Copulas

Lecture 37

Lecture 38

Lecture 39

Lecture 40

Chapter 7. Stochastic Dominance

Lecture 41

Lecture 42

Solved Exercises (selective) 

Tutorial 1                        Tutorial 4


Tutorial 2                        Tutorial 8


Tutorial 3                        Tutorial 9

The Scatter Plot shows annual wheat yield (t/ha) in New South Wales and Victoria with marginal distributions. It is from a student project on copulas. 

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